Is this a normal reaction ?


I started electrolysis last month, I did 5 hours. My skin is so sensitive I didn’t get any scabs but I have noticed some tiny white spots where the probe was inserted (my electrologist is using insulated probe), so Is’t normal to see tiny white spots on the skin where the probe was inserted? Is’t something to worry about? do you consider it as a permanent scars or they’ll fade with time?
any help would be appreciated.

Awesome! Look, if your electrologist is using an insulated probe … then nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong!

Thanks for the reply.

So I guess this is a normal reaction and it will fade away?

Oh gosh, I’m sorry for being so silly; but it’s in my nature.

Actually, just about everything that people are fearful about … with post-treatment electrolysis … goes away.

Thing is, actual scars don’t show up for months after a treatment. What you have is undoubtedly temporary. Still, nearly all the comments on this board are about such “problems.” I mean, it must be in the hundreds-of-thousands by now?

It’s all good!

Ok sorry for asking a lot but I’m little bit worried, how much time will the pinhead spots will take to heal?

Out of curiosity Michael, what do these scars, that show up months after treatment, look like?

I wouldn’t even give it a passing thought … not happening.

I’m not trying to be invidious, but I have a question I’ve wanted to ask for about four years:

What exactly does "I have very sensitive skin’ mean?

I’ve seen this comment hundreds of times on Hairtell, but I don’t know what it means … or how it presents? How is your skin different from, say, "normal’ skin?

Again, client input is something I cherish and welcome …