Is this a normal practice with electrolysis?

Hey everyone,

Since it’s summer, I’m putting laser on hold after I do 1 more session next week. My full front has had great results from laser. My last session was 10 weeks ago. On my stomach and around nipples I’ve had more treatments, I started doing 4 with IPL there, then I’ve done 2 with Apogee Alex on the full front, so 6 in total on my stomach/nipples, and 2 everywhere else.

Right now my stomach is still smooth aside from the odd straggler of a hair. Right above it, you can see where the IPL treatments stopped, as I have lighter hair there. It’s not peachfuzz, it’s a bit darker but it’s not actual hair hair, as in from a foot or two away from me I’d look smooth (I can post pics) either way it’s super fine hair, the kind that only grows a few mm out of the skin if that makes sense.

Anyway I’m getting off track. Around my nipples, I’d say I have maybe 10-12 average hairs left around each. Then right in the middle of my chest there’s maybe 4 or 5 normal hairs, with the odd random one on my collar bone. On my abs, the hair is the short super fine not noticeable hair, but there may be the odd normal straggler hair there as well. Then on my stomach, around my tattoo there’s a bunch of normal hair since I can’t do laser that close to it. It’s right on the border line though of where the hair stops.

What I’m wondering, is is it normal to do electrolysis but basically go in and just say I want to do a 60 minute treatment right now, just remove as much of the most visible hairs on my front as you can in 60 minutes? Then just let them go to town, starting on both nipples to get those straggler hairs, then do around my tattoo and so on? Then once those are gone if there’s time they can start to remove some of those finer hairs?

I can post pictures if that helps, but basically the hair that’s there is fine and too light for laser. If I took a picture of myself holding the camera myself, I look completely smooth, that’s how fine most of the hair is aside from those odd stragglers which you wouldn’t even see in a picture from a few feet away anyway.

Thanks everyone, sorry going all over there! Just trying to tell if that’s normal to do, or if jumping around getting the visible hairs is a waste of time, if I should just say let’s start at the top and work our way down. My big thing is that I’m pretty sure in an hour they should be able to remove all the hairs that bother me. I can count them all if that helps.

That’s very normal and probably the better way to do it as it will make a quicker visible difference to you.

Okay great thanks ! I think I’ll look into that, just because I refuse to not enjoy this summer again like last year, wearing sunscreen non stop just to do laser! I’ve been wearing sunscreen all month every day like crazy, and the other day my laser tech would only treat me with the yag and not the alex. So I’m pretty much just going to go on laser hiatus for the summer!

Yep, perfectly fine. In fact, it’s good to do electrolysis now while the hair is synchronized after laser.

I was under the assumption that the majority of electrologist charge for the time that you request. Just explain to them where you want the hair removed, and the ones you would like to be prioritized in the removal process. My electrologist knows the area I want removed and she just works in that area, removing as much as she can in the allotted time.

ekokid what electrolgist do you plan to go to?

Thanks everyone! I was thinking of going to Inner Beauty on Kingston Road since it’s literally 5 minutes from my house in the Beaches in Toronto. The girl seemed nice and they use a good machine, I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s the one that starts with A that everyone talks about on here that can do all 3 types of electrolysis. I can really go anywhere though, I’m not really picky just thought there seemed good since it’s close to my house and the prices are good I think $1 per minute minimum 15 minutes. I think I’d just do 60 minutes at first and tell her get rid of as much as she can :slight_smile:

Hey edokid, unless you have recommendations that you trust, I wouldn’t advise such a long treatment the first time.

They probably won’t do it without a consult and test patch anyway.

But even after that, perhaps a 15min treatment to test drive. Make sure the insertions are right, treatment energy is enough to remove the hair (it should slide out) but not so much that it causes a severe skin reaction. You don’t wanna end up with large scabs or scars.

Edokid, you remind me of myself. If I am going to make an appointment and have the finances to do so, I buy as much time as I can. The whole 15 minute test patch(a good and logical idea) just doesn’t cut it…right? haha

If you do go for the whole 60 minutes, I just recommend that you drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters daily) and it will really make a difference in your skin reaction and healing time.

Sure I can do a 15 minute first, I’m bad like that I’m too trusting I’m like whatever lets just do it. I’ve never had a laser consultation I just go and do it! I just thought an hour to make it worth both our time. I can start drinking water now :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll do the 15 minutes first then just to see how it goes or whatever then can do more after. Thanks!

Edokid, I think your idea is a perfectly good one, but don’t use it as an excuse to stop wearing sunscreen! You’ll get ouchied. :frowning:

My dad is practically disfigured from skin cancer now, so just be really careful, okay? At the very least, don’t let yourself get sunburned…

Oh don’t worry! I don’t go tan crazy, I just mean right now I put sunscreen on my arms to drive to work just in case they get a little sun in the car!

The selection of hairs that you suggest is plausible. But this way it will be difficult for you to evaluate the results of your electrologist.

La sélection des poils que vous suggérez est plausible. Mais avec cette manière, il sera difficile pour vous d’évaluer les résultats de votre électrologiste.

Which is a necessity. We simply need to know more about the heath of our customers than the laser- and ipl-people do. Anyway, in similar situations i try to offer my customers a time window.

I agree beate.

One cannot tell how the skin has reacted immediately, for example, scabbing can take a day or two to form. Sometimes a few adjustments are needed until the electrologist finds the optimum settings for the hair type and skin reactions. Hence it is better to have a short treatment with a day or two break at least to assess how the skin has reacted. If it’s fine, then you can take the plunge with confidence, otherwise another short treatment may be necessary.

Thanks for your help everyone, I’ll do that soon then go in for a 15 minute consultation and have her remove some hairs to test it out see how I react. If I go to the place near me, it’s 1.5km away, google maps says 3 minute drive lol it’s literally down the street. Only thing on Google maps I can’t see it, just some other place, not the nicest area but I’ll check around no real rush :slight_smile:

Hey edokid, I wanted to ask about tanning.

How much tan did you have to have before they switched Lasers?

I’ve been have arm treatments (2 so far). My arms tan really easily but I’ve been lucky that the weather in the UK has been rubbish mostly. I have been wearing spf, not going out too much (eating lunch in the office instead of the park, boooo), and wearing sleeves. However, I do have a tendency to roll them up a little and you can just make out that the skin is slightly lighter where I wear my watch.

Do you think this is enough that they will want to lower settings? Coz I really don’t think I want my next treatment at the same or lower settings.