is this a good deal for lightsheer treatments?

Package Price: $1995
Includes 8 treatments and a full
5 year guaranteed!



What areas are being covered for ths price?

omg, i can’t believe i left that out, i was woundering why i didn’t get a response.

it was for beard removal in chicago area

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This seems like a very good price to me, but then I’m a woman and I’ve never researched a price for beard removal.
I’m curious about that five year guarantee. If the hair isn’t all gone, do they promise to retreat until it is? Or do they offer a refund? I’ve also purchased a “package” of treatments but mine don’t come with a guarantee. (The good news is that guarantee notwithstanding, my treatments seem to be working really well! I’ve had 3 of a series of 5 and thus far, I am pleased, pleased, pleased!)

One other thing: I’ve read on this board that laser can result in patchy regrowth and that this can be a caution with beard removal. Maybe you’ve already checked this out? Just a thought.


That sounds like a good price to me. There’s lots of hair in the beard area and it will take a lot of pulses to treat it. The beard is probably the hardest area of the body to treat with laser hair removal.

I have had the lower 2 inches of the front of my neck treated with laser and it hurt like hell, and I have a high pain tolerance. It was very effective though. There is no hair there now at all.