Is this a client faux pas?

I made the mistake of committing to a not-so-great electrologist. I bought a package of 10 treatments, of which 3.5 have been used.
I’m not happy. Instead of treating my hairs she’s actually just been tweezing them. It feels like regular plucking. When I asked her why my hairs were pulling when they came out she said it was because I hadn’t been to her in a long time. She’s also said a lot of things that contradict what our pros on this board tell us.
Should I try to refund the remainder (I’m willing to pay a penalty), or just stick with it and look for someone else afterwards?

I think I’ll just stick it out until the end, and then shop around for someone else after.

I would hate to think that every hair is being plucked. Hairs can be tough going in those beginning treatments or if you haven’t maintained the area with smartly spaced appointments after that precious first clearance. Some hairs slide out and some don’t when you just start or if you start all over again.

I don’t know what other things you are experiencing that concern you, but if you stick it out, maybe the two of you can develop an easy conversation and learn something meaningful from each other.


I’m curious how far apart your treatments were? If, indeed, they were spaced too far apart, the hair begins to shed and is more difficult (more tugging could be felt) to treat.

When you treat an area, it really does help you get done quicker if you treat the new hairs as they emerge. Those anagen hairs will have more moisture in the follicle - and that can be a factor in your treatment. If the hairs begin to shed, then the follicle begins drying up.

Is this your first round of treatment?

Can you give us a little more information?