Is thermolysis only effective on thin hair?

I live in the Uk and I understand how electrolysis works. in the UK most electrologists tend to use the thermo strategy. I am a female who has hirsutism and my excess hair is quite thick and long. I want to have electrolysis done and have found a professional electrologist in my area however she uses the thermolysis method. I want to go get it done but what is the point if at the end of the day I’m just going to be wasting my time and money. I feel like there is no hope and to be quite honest, my current situation is making me feel so depressed right now. :frowning:

Any of the three methods (galvanic, thermolysis and blend) will work fine on thicker hair - it’s just a matter of adapting the chosen method to the needs of that hair.

Hi cheryicheri. I hope you are seeing positive results from your treatment. Just as EmancipatedElect says, thermolysis will work on fine hair. I hope that you will let us know about your progress.

Just make sure that the hairs slide out.