Is there difference between devices and how much pepperspots you get?

I’ve had treatments with IPL and I have a lot of pepperspots on my chest and abs. It’s small remnants of hair trapped in the skinn. Some of them have now three weeks after my treatment started to slowly come out so that you can grab the top with tweezers, but often you can’t pull them out completely anyway because they are like dissolved and brake of in particles.
I’m soon too try out the diode laser Mediostar and I wonder, is there a difference in how much pepperspots you get depending on device used?
I think that the IPL melts the ends of the thick hairs so that hair remnants remaine in the skinn when hairs shed. I hope these remnants will go away completely.

The remnants (tombstones) will go away eventually but it may take a month or two for some of them.

One suggestion I heard was to use package sealing tape to coax out the remnants. The skin must be totally dry or the tape will get oily and not stick to the skin. Best time to try this is after a shower when the skin has totally dried out.