Is there any other place to get EMLA?

Other than I procrastinated getting an order, now I don’t think it will get here on time if I order through them.

Also I’m probably going to need two 30 gram tubes in order to completely cover my chest and abs, right?

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Actually, now that I think about it, I have Kaiser insurance but no regular doctor. Do you think there is a way I can get it through a doctor and just have to pay my $10.00 co pay?

Thanks in advance for your advice! :smile:

Is it prescription where you are??

Here in Canada you just need to ask the pharmacist for it, they keep it under the counter.

Hello Jan,
True but count your blessings… This is exceptional. Many drugs which are OTC in the States require prescription in Canada or are not even available! E.g.: Rogaine.

got mine at


oops, you asked about elma not ela-max, sorry.

I used to get EMLA on a copay, but when I switched plans, it was no longer covered. :frowning: