Is there a good electrolysis place in london, England

at the moment iv got one of those home electrolysis pieces of equipment, but due to the area i want done and the size. i aint to sure i should do it myself.
Any recommendations would be great, as where the hairs growing is quite imbarrising and wanna get rid of it as soon as possible.

Hi John-- the trick is to avoid all the BAD electrolysists in London. Best bet is to get a personal referral from someone who is done and happy.

Just to let you know it is very difficult to find a good electrogist in England as electrolysis is not as big as it is in the US. However, you can contact the British Institute of electrolysis who govern the practice and have thier certified members who have passed a examination and have the letters DRE after their name. However, alot of thier members do not practice as i have found and you do get BAD and GOOD DRE’s. But the good news is that some of them have trained other electrolgists. This is not ideal when you would rather go to someone who has years of experience rather than a couple of years. But when their is a shortage of good electrolgists this maybe the only option. As I go to an electrolgist who has been trained by her mother who is DRE and has 18 years of experience but cannot practice due to ill health. The institute have thier own website and you can look them up through google search or you can ring 192 over here in england and get their number. I live in the West Midlands and have had great difficulty in finding someone. I will also be moving to London in the future too. So I welcome any reccomendations from anyone over here in the uk. I will be moving to east london- so is there anyone out there who can recommend me to someone. To James and Andrea is there no way you could make contact over here in England and recommend electrologists to us??? As we are struggling to find good electrolgists :frowning:

hm, I can’t even keep up with everyone over in the US! I focus more on methods and brands of products than specific practitioners. One of the reasons I did this site was to get that info from consumers with first-hand experience.

Any of you in the U.K with suggestions, definitiely send them along!

I got the same problem…or worse…
I have tried one in London that i cannot recomend, the reason is that i’m not happy at all!
I’ve got all my face and body with dark body hair, after arrived in England i attended to a clinic who dint give to many informmation about the treatment, as I was desesperated because in my country doesnt have another treatment apart from wax, i just went trought.
I was doing 3 treatments per week per one hour long each to complete all the face (monday, wednesday and fridays) on fridays whem i was going to do the third part, the hair on the area treated on monday was already there!!! I expended 60 (around 200 USA dollars) pounds per week for 2 months and the result was NOTHING.

Hm, I wounder if you can give me your specialist address??? I leave im Birmingham, England

Hi burbuda. I have been to many electrologists in Birmingham and I can tell you there are many people out there claiming to be electrologists. The person I go to the at the moment who I am trying out is a lady called
Sara Docker. You can contact her on 01203-347102, she lives in Nuneaton which is about 25 miles away from Birmingham. She works from home. She is a member of the British association of electrologists and is listed on thier website. So far I have been happy with her treatments but only time will tell. Im sure she will be happy to help you.
By the way where abouts in Birmingham do you live???

thanks HM,
I leave in Aston