is the hair supposed to grow back?

Hi, I’ve had electrolysis on my stomach two weeks ago
and since then, there have scabs that appeared and went away.
Now, slowly, hairs are growing back from their places.

I wonder if that’s normal.
Like in laser hair removal, hairs grow after laser, but they’re already dead.
Is it like that case?
Are those dead hairs, or are they new ones?
Cuz they look fierce.

Hi Amano:

A certain percentage of the hair will be killed, and a certain percentage will come back. Hair is also in different growth stages, and I believe the kill rate is better when it is in the growth stage.

Sometimes you have to treat the same hair several times to kill it. If you go regularly and clear the area each time, it will eventually kill the hairs in that area. hey should gradually get to be less and less.


Hair goe through growing, shedding and resting stages. Not all potential hairs are showing at the same time. Different locations have a higher turn over rate. At least 25% of your hair is in a dormant stage. And yes some hair will need to be treated a second time.

so the hair that grows back isn’t going to shed by itself?


with electrolysis, hair doesn’t shed. once the electrologists zaps the hair, it is killed (sometimes it takes 2-3 zaps total throughout appts, especially on hair that has been tweezed etc before) and the electrologist pulls it out right then. other hair that you see come up is NOT the same hair usually. it’s the hair that was dormant before and wasn’t above the skin’s surface that is surfacing at that time. hair grows in 3 phrases, which means at any one point you are only seeing about 30% of the hair that you have in one area above the skin’s surface. electrolysis takes at least 9-12 months because you have to zap all hairs in the first phase, the growing phase. and that involves going in for treatments regularly to catch hairs in growing phase as they show up.