Is the DMD9000 can do the job?

I can undertsand that the medicam company have some flaw with their consumer (like GE,Toyota or my local video club can have)
My question is : with 3 Coherent laser beam, and knowing the fact that 808mn laser is no magic… Is the DMD9000 can really act like luminis Lightsheer for permanent hair removal?
where can we review this device with real person who use them?

The DMD series is a dubious device that should be avoided by all consumers.

who have already tried it and can know for sure…

What is the fluence level available with it? Probably too low to do any good. Lasers that can deliver high enough fluence for permanent hair reduction are not available for sale to the general public.


who have already tried it and can know for sure…

I would trust ANYTHING Andrea says.

iam going to buy DMD3000 at the end of august.
Let you know as i use it

Some first-hand reports:

These things are a complete waste of money. The same amount of money spent on legitimate treatments would probably solve your hair issues.

We already have had people who bought this piece of junk post on the board about how it did not work, and how the company did not honor their advertised “no hassle, money back guarantee”

If you have that much money to flush down a toilet, PayPal it to me at and I promise not to spend it on yatch payments, or country club memberships.

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