Is shaving absolutely nessecary before LHR?

I’ve red in some sites that some clinics think it’s enough only trimming down the hairs that are going to be treated with laser or IPL realy short. My skinn can’t stand being shaved it seems. The practitioners in my clinic shaved my back once four months ago and the skinn hasn’t recovered yet - I have dots and inflammations and scarrs after healed inflammations. But they shaved it dry, I wont let them shave me again. But will my skinn ever heal? It feels bad that I can’t show my skinn even between treatments when I am hair free becuase my skinn has such a bad texture now.
Also I have a lot of hair on my legs and bottom and have had my first treatment on theese areas. I shaved these areas myself with a lot of water and soap, but I still get inflammations and I have a lot of dots now. But this time it’s because all hairs weren’t killed by the IPL (I have a LOT and THICK hairs) and when trying to resurface after the shaving, they damage the skinn around them and the area around gets darker (hyperpigmentation). Non of theese things would happen if I could get treated without shaving!

the area needs to be shaved in order to guarantee that all laser energy is going to the root of the hair and not wasted on the part that’s above the skin’s surface. in addition, leaving the hairs above surface to be burned off by laser can cause this to burn your skin at the same time. those 2 reasons are why shaving is necessary.

it sounds like the method and the razor you’re using to shave is not the most effective. if i used soap or dry-shaved, i would have the same reaction. you need to get a 4-blade razor like the Gilette one, a shaving GEL (not cream), and soak the area in warm water for about 10-15 minutes before you apply the gel (wait another 5-10 minutes) and then shave with the 4-blade razor. If you follow this, you shouldn’t get much irritation.

Interestingly, the nurse who did my treatement (I have only had one), recommended that I shave with a single blade razor like the disposable ones you see at every lhr place. She said the multiple blade razors actually pull on the follicle as you shave and you don’t wan’t that, you want an intact follicle for the lhr.

I found this little tidbit interesting, guess should have passed it along last week. Would be nice if other folks would poll their techs and see what they have to say about this.


the only difference i see if not getting a close shave, which is ok i think and better for the tech because she can see where to treat if you have the type of skin/hair where you can’t see where the hair was after you shave