Is Scarring possible with Rotary epilators?

I know that the faq said that scarring is possible while tweezing, but it did not say that scarring was a possibility while using a rotary epilator? Isnt Ripping the hair out with a rotary basically the same method as tweezing? Its just ripping the hair out.

Yes, it is possible that long-term use of epilation devices can lead to changes in skin texture or color. This is more common in people with darker skin tones.

Thanks so much for answering my question so fast! Also, can waxing cause scarring? Is it any safer than rotary epilators?

Waxing has sometimes caused scarring in cases where there was improper sterilization which led to breakouts. In the most serious cases, people using Retin-A (trentinoin) and other exfoliants have had the cutaneous layer of skin ripped off from waxing, so it is important not to have waxing done if you are taking these kinds of dermatologic medications.

Yep, I used an epilator for about a year on my legs, and the combination of scarring and ingrowns causing scars made them quite ugly. I have to shave now so it’s driving me totally nuts! I do still use the epilator quite effectively on my underarms though, and there’s minimal scarring.

I sad to hear that Borealis. I wonder if waxing would still be safe for your to do. Andrea said that it would cause scarring if there was improper sterilization. This is so sad, I can’t believe there is no permanent way to remove hair yet. I know they act like Laser is permanent, but I think its hyped up. I hope someday soon they come up with a REAL permanent hair removal technique! Electrolysis and laser takes so long and so expensive and to top it off it might all grow back. Science has to do better than this. thanks again Andrea/Borealis