Is scabbing at every treated follicle normal?

I went for my first sitting last week. She is near my home, so convenient. She explained me everything properly during my consultation and showed me the machine and settings. She is doing blend on my face. She treated my neck area and chin. Everything seemed fine. During my treatment, I had stinging pain wherever she treated me. It was bearable. The only thing which worries me is that all treated hair follicles have scabbed. Is it Normal? or should I tell her to lower heat settings next time. I am going on Thursday. I would appreciate input on this.

It is perfectly possible to have treatment without scabbing at every treated follicle. The techniques utilized by some may not make this possible. The machines used by some may not make this possible. The natural skin sensitivity of some people may not make this possible.

I would suggest however, that she look into using either a shorter setting, or lower intensity over the same duration.


Isn’t it also dependent on the mode used, with blend less likely to scab and flash more so?

  • Eric

It is not that simple.

Although Thermolysis is more likely to pigment and or scab in body work, Galvanic and Blend can scab under the right (or would that be wrong) conditions.

In any event, scabbing at each and every insertion point is a problem no matter what modality is used. It should not happen that way. The setting should be fine tuned for an easier treatment, and a quicker, less intensive healing period.

This is one more reason we say try out as many people in your area as you can find. In some cases, it is the practitioner, in some cases it is the machine, and in others it is the client. Without testing many practitioners, one can’t get a good idea of what the best possible treatment available to one in one’s area could be.