Is outside ear hair suitable for electrolysis?


I’m 24 Male and I have a bit problem with my ear hairs, I have pretty hairy ears (on the outside) with even some long hairs.

I don’t want to do laser because a bad experience in the past and because the hairs are very light and fuzzy.

In my case and my hair type electrolysis could help me ?

That’s how it look like:
(Maybe in the pic it looks less bad but in person especially if there is a sun, it doesn’t look good)

Yes, any type of electrolysis will work (galvanic, blend or thermolysis). I would do thermolysis, but another electrologist would do blend. Both would permanently eliminate those pesky hairs.

You appear to be young, so even after the thick and medium hairs are removed permanently, somewhere down your man timeline, the smaller blond hairs may stimulate. Just be aware and get them zapped. You may also develop thick hairs in the ear canal. The ones close to the opening can be zapped, as well. This can be a sensitive area, so tough it out if you can.

I see several men that need to get these hairs peaking out of the opening of the ear canal zapped because their hearing aid doesn’t fit well.

I’ve treated many clients’ ears successfully with electrolysis: I have a client at the moment with both thick dark hairs and lesser finer ones, using blend on the bigger hairs and thermolysis on the others. He found the first couple of sessions a little uncomfortable but since then it doesn’t bother him at all.


In fact this is a great area for using electrolysis.
One of my favorite areas to treat as gentlemen frequently see and feel the results very well.