Is my skin too sensitive for shaving?

I currently shave my legs (and armpits), but I’ve been thinking of giving up because of some weird things. I’ve been doing so for a few weeks. After I finish shaving, I experience a very uncomfortable burning and itching sensation in my legs (especially on my lower legs). I tried using different razors (single bladed disposable, double bladed disposables, mach 3, and etc) and different lubricants (soap, hair conditioner, shaving cream, shaving gel), but I still experienced the burning and itching sensations on my legs. I don’t shave everyday; I usually shave every few days.

Even with my armpits, I have to wait a few days in between shaving or else I’ll experience major irration (no burning though).

I used to shave a while back, but I gave up because of the above reasons. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Maybe shaving is not for me?

After a month your skin would normally adjust to blade shaving on any body area. You will adjust more quickly and have fewer razor bumps and ingrown hairs. By shaving every few days you are giving the hair a chance to grow out or even back into the skin. It will take less time per session if you shave every day. And it’s harder on your skin shaving longer hair which you will have after a few days.

Have you tried the M3 Power or Fusion Power? They cause less irritation from my experience. The Fusion Power is the Porsche of shaving! Also try Aveeno Positively Smooth Shave gel and/or Moore Unique Hydroglide Shaving Solution. I have had the best results with those products.

Tend-Skin will also cut down on post shave irritation.

You may also want to try a good electric like a Remington, Norelco or Braun. They cause less irritation and bumps than a blade. No they don’t shave as close but I found the shave acceptable, even before I had laser treatments on my legs.