is my arm hair course enough for laser (pics)

flickr arm hair

I hope this pic link above works - I am currently seeing a electrolysis for shoulder hair. She has done an excellent job almost done really, but she is hesitant to work with my upper arms which in fact was my original reason to see her. I am very limited in regards to available electrolysis practitioners in my area.

Here is my issue as i want to be realistic and aware to induced hair stimulation risks. When i look down my arms they appear hairy. When i look in the mirror you can only just about see the hair but it is not as noticeable as my forearm hair. I was thinking to ask my electrolysis whether thinning it out is a more realistic goal or at least if you look at the pics - get rid of the darker more wiry hair. Alternatively there is of course laser but i am worried about the risks of making it worse. Basically is my upper arm hair course enough do you think?

my local laser hair centre which i used before for leg hair reduction using a ELITE CYNOSURE. I am type 2, back then the settings used were 20J, 15mm and 20pw. thats the other option but yeah - worried too.

The link works, but you have to make your photos public so we can see them.

oh right sorry - okay done. please let me me know what you think

From my experience, the hairs you are showing are the ones that get stimulated by laser: I wouldn’t do it. Too risky. Upper shoulders and upper arms = number one area for laser hair stimulation on younger guys.

But, yeah, the upper arms “have to be” totally clear of hairs (especially if you have any muscles to show off). I have a 27-year-old guy coming in this weekend and will take photos (if he agrees). I cleared the back (now done) … and those pesky upper arm hairs. Now I’m working on a patch of hair just above the “butt crack.”

Again … the best look is ZERO hairs on the shoulders and upper arms. Lower arms hair is fine, but has to blend in naturally …

okay i won’t risk that then. If the hairs were all finer and many actually are i wouldn’t mind to be honest because they are hairs only i would notice. I just wish there was a way i could get my electrolysis practitioner to at least attempt to thin the hair out by dealing with the darker wiry hair.

She has done a great job on my shoulders in a relatively short amount of time too. Though i admit my shoulders were not very very hairy. I am seeing her this Friday, she has three hairs to get rid off on my left shoulder (i see her every 4 wks). I shall think how to make a pitch and see if there is an acceptable middle ground. thank you for the response Michael.

I don’t understand why she wouldnt remove hairs from this area???

Easy and satisfying work. WHY?!

I forget the term she uses to describe body hair but she is hesitant. I have not asked about it since my first appointment. My upper arm hair from my perspective appears to have fine hair which is only noticeable if your really looking because i am pale, but then also darker hair which is less flat to my skin and similar to my forearm hair. The photo’s show the hair having been left alone for about 3 and a half weeks

I am thinking tomorrow when i go i will ask whether thinning out the hair is a more reasonable request and to go for the darker hair mostly around the back of my upper arm and area nearer my forearm. I really hope she agrees and i can take it from there.

other partitioners in my area are based in hairdressers and only do 5-15 minute appointments and don’t appear to suggest men are welcome.

Quick update - saw my practitioner today and she has agreed to thin out the darker course hair and generally thin out hair over back of upper arm and near forearm to blend. So relieved for the compromise.

If one has thicker/coarser forearm hair, is the laser effective to thin out the growth if 2 or 3 sessions are done (as opposed to more than that)?

Most importantly is that when the 2 or 3 sessions are done, will the hair growing back on the forearm look natural and uniform (not patchy) ?

Any males have experience using laser for forearm hair reduction but NOT complete bare removal?

All I can say is that when I did laser, it DID come out patchy and unacceptable. And the results were unacceptable for many of my clients as well.

We dont have too many laser experts here. In fact other than some informed amatuers I dont think we have any professional laser people here.


Hi senate, how old are you? How much reduction did you notice from clearances on upper arm and shoulders?
I’ve a answer… who knows when male body hairs are completely developed?

I just read this post and needed to add my input as I have been going through HELL for the last 3 years due to LHR. I had initally been doing laser on my forearms, upper arms and back at my first laser technician, long story short they had no idea what they were doing and I ended up with stimulated hair everywhere. Since then I’ve gone to another laser technician (who is highly rated in my area) and she suggested doing 2 sessions on my lower arms and around 6/7 on my upper arms and back. Since she has been treating me I have seen great results on my upper arms so far, however, after allowing the lower arm hair to grow back, there are some areas which are far denser than other areas and in addition the hair has nearly doubled in length which makes it look far worse than how it was to begin with, I hope electrolysis can fix this but I would suggest electrolysis over LHR anyday if I could go back, hope this helps

I have to say two things: there are no type of hairs that doesn’t respond to alexandrite, the most important thing is that the hair has to be dark* enough to let the light reach the bulbs. So the main important thing is colour and not thickness. Another thing: there’s a truth, laser induces thin hairs to get thicker if they are treated with low parameters, ie it works just like a wax, laser hit the bulb, but it just damages it and thanks to blood and hormonal supply it will grow back stronger. If good parameters are used it WORKS.
The main problem is that laser machines are quite good nowoday, technician aren’t so. Do you know that laser at low fluence is used to induce hair growth on the scalp? Guys, high fluences, big spot can kill anytype of dark* hairs.
I think the minimum parameters to get results are: 15mm spot x 25/30jcm, 18mmx 16jcm2 (the minimum), 20mmx15jcm2.
If they use spot 15mm with 20 or less just know that you’re waisting money; if they use 18mm spot with 14jcm2 you’re waisting money too; pulse duration has to be kn a range of 1.5ms to 5ms for light skinned. The best is 3ms.

An example that explains why thicknes theory doesn’t work. If you have a thin copper cable and a thick one, both of them carry electricity. And both of them conduce electricity at the same speed or intensity, becouse both are made of copper (ie dark for hairs). If i had another metal that conduces electricity slower (ie light hairs) i won’t have the same results

Laser probably is the best way to get rid of hairs but it has to be in very good hands and they are less than good machines.
I think it’s easier to contact a very good skilled electrologist than find a very good skilled laser technician, an electrologist won’t give yiu any patchy results, less time (if 3 clearance strategy is used) and more results.