Is LHE-method sure?

Hope that you can understand my school-english… It’s not so good…

I’m skinterapist in Sweden.

Now a company in sweden introduce an LHE-equippment from Radiency called Skinstation
I became very intrested but the only thing I’m afraid of is the heat around each follicle stimulate other sleeping hair follicles begin growe.
Now I working with electrolyses since 9 years and I’m VERY good with my hands. Very fast and effective.
I got only good result.

It’s not so good for my neck and shoulders…

I have own experience of lightshare, Alexandrit and Rubinlaser.
I had wery few hairs on my hook. I went for treatment first with Rubinlaser after few treatment I got new hairs on my cheeks. soon changed treatment to Alexandrit but the hairs continue grove and after 2 years lightshare…
I don’t want to treat my patients if I’am not 100% shure that LHE don’t make them more hairy than from the begining…

Hope that you can guide me for LHE-machine before I buy it.

I need new equippment in my salon

Best regards

Dear Skin Specialist
I know a Doctor who uses SkinStation & other LHE for last few years. He has treated more than 800 patients now. You can contact him with your complete ID (Name- address, Phone numbers etc). One thing he told me that He is not happy with after sales service of Radiancy people. He is a well experienced person in this field. His e mail id is
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