Is laser worth the cost or most cost effective to get electrolysis ?

I am a 23 year old male,I just got back from the dermatologist today and I found out to get my back, shoulders, and back of my arms it would cost $500 per session for laser hair removal and I would at least 5 sessions…$2500 ?! I was told that only 80% of the hair would be removed! How much is electrolysis? I would think that electrolysis would be more worth it, since it is permanent and probably just as expensive. Now I’m thinking if I have to spend about $3,000 on electrolysis, it would be worth it, because it is permanent. If I did the laser I feel that when I get older, the hair will just come back…Now I have to waste another one of my vacation days to get a consultation for electrolysis…I love it.

Hey NJguy

There is no one correct answer to your question as so many variables are involved;

  1. Operator skill
  2. Hair type, density and depth of the root.
  3. For laser the skin color.
  4. The level of pain you can handle.

I could go on and on but you get the idea that everyone responds differently to both laser and electrolysis treatments. If you could search through the messages posted here by some of the members on their results and treatment options you might at least be able to form an opinion on wheather to start with laser or electrolysis.

Now my opinion is that (assuming good operator skill) electrolysis has less issues and is more tolerant of varying hair and skin types compared to laser, however that said if you have dark thick hairs on lighter skin then it might be in your advantage to get a few laser treatments to knock back the quantity you have.
Hair removal requires determination, money and time. Do not start it unless your are willing to put the effort in. I am 2 years in to my removal program and it has been so worth it. You might think dam 2 years that’s a long time well it is but some of that is due too lack of funds to finish off.
For a perspective I am removing all hair from the neck down to my toes so I have a much larger area to clear then you are looking at.

All in all I wish I had started permanent hair removal years ago instead of waiting till I hit 30.

Good luck with the consult and ask lots of questions.


Hey Chris,

Thanks for all of the advice. I have decided to first do some research and find a good electrolysis operator in my area that will do a good job. I can deal with pain, so this hopefully won’t be a problem. I feel that if I am persistant on going to get electrolysis until I am satisfied, that it will work out for the best. I don’t think I’m going to do laser b/c of the cost and chance of the hair not being removed. Once again, thank you for your advice.