Is laser treatment safe for people with pacemakers?


I am please with the progress of my current course of laser hair removal treatment and I want to continue with it but I have just had a pacemaker fitted.

I am now looking for web sites which refer to facts about the safety of laser treatment for people like me. So far my own searches have failed me.

I’m hoping someone out there in the same situation has already done this research.


It’s probably fine. Laser is only light energy. But why don’t you ask your practitioner? I had laser before, but all my hair came back. Grrr! I’m into electrolysis now. Try it. Did the laser work well for you?


Thanks for the response Mina.

My positive experience with laser treatment has been down to patience. It only after 9 treatments that I have achieved some long-term effects. Maybe you should persevere.

Re. pacemaker, trouble is that my practitioner is not an engineer. Healthwise I am passed fit for treatment. Its a question of whether the laser equipment causes interference with my pacemaker. Something to the electromagnetic field strength. Other sources of this type of interference such as mobile phones and stereo speakers I have to make sure are kept at a certain distance.


I had my treatment yesterday with no adverse effects on my pacemaker. I will be able to confirm this in 3 weeks when I have my next pacemaker check. By the way, an Aculight laser was used.

Note: When my pacemaker is within an magnetic field I can feel it e.g. when a mobile phone is too close, but I did not experience that effect during treatment.