Is laser the best?

Oh, hi all,
Ive been reading some of the topics and responses on this site and you all seem to be really understanding and supportive of each, which is really fantastic. I actually have a couple of queries of my own which I hoping some of you kind people might be able to help me with. I’ve been getting electrolisis performed on my back and cheeks on a weekly basis for some time now (3 years) but I dont seem to really be getting even remotely permanent results. It seems that laser treatment is a good option for me. i have quite fair skin and fairly dark hair, but it is only small patches that i want treated. Does anyone know which would be a good laser in this case? Also, I have a couple of small moles in an area that I would like treated. Are they going to be a major problem for laser treatment? Thanks y’all for listening to my woes.