Is laser stimulated hair growth irreversible?

So basically I’ve had 3 laser sessions on my buttocks. Before doing it I was concerned about the hair getting thicker since it was vellus. I’m inexperienced with laser & the clinic said it definitely wouldn’t get thicker. I pretty much didn’t have any visible hair on buttocks before. It could be described as invisible peach fuz but I had some visible hair on the back of my thigh underneath buttocks and around the crack area so I decided screw it I’ll just do the whole buttock along with Brazilian which looking back was a very idiotic choice that I regret. Now it’s darker, thicker and visible hair. Now I have to shave that area and I didn’t have to before. If I leave it alone and m do hormone therapy can the hair follicles “heal” and get back to what they used to be before laser or is laser stimulated hair irreversible without electrolysis? (Really don’t want to do electrolysis) Thanks.

paradoxal laser hair stimulation is NOT reversible without performing electrolysis on the area to reduce the hair. Sorry!

Replying to this 1 year old post just in case anyone else comes across this:

What the above person said is not true. Paradoxical hypertrichosis can be treated, however in order to avoid treatment one should always avoid hormonal growth areas with laser.

Referring to this study done in 2010 (page 296, lower left paragraph), paradoxical hypertrichosis was successfully treated using these laser settings (calibrated for an 1,064-nm Nd:YAG laser):

3 sessions of

  • spot size of 10mm,
  • pulse duration of 30ms
  • energy fluence of 30J/cm2

with complete ablation of the hair follicle bulbs.

Hi, did you ever find a solution? Wouldove to hear for my GF.