Is laser not working for me?

I’ve had about 9 treatments from a gentleLASE over about 2 years.
Am I one of those people who need about 14 + treatments?

I had heard that men’s back and chest need 12 or more treatments? Can others who have had LASER on these areas comment on this?

Was this the first picture of your upper arm?
Do you want all the hair gone?
I actually think your chest looks fine. Do you have a before picture? How much money have you spent so far?

What settings? How was shedding?

The hair is not very coarse at this point.

The first pic is chest up close. Prob spent over 2000 and want 95% of hair gone. I think electroylisis would be too slow. I had a few treatments and it didn’t really make much difference. As for setting not sure but it all shed each time

Can you please find out settings? This is important as the hair can shed, but not be disabled permanently if the settings are too low.

In my opinion, you should have had a bigger reduction at this point. This area doesn’t need more than 8 treatments or so, but they have to be GOOD treatments.

As mentioned by dfahey, do you have any pictures before treatment?

It is hard to comment on how effective your treatments have been without gauging it against your starting condition.

Guys im getting a treatment on friday - what kind of setting should I ask for?

THe setting should be left up to your laser specialist, but in general, the best setting is whatever your skin can tolerate.

Settings depend on what YOUR skin can handle. We can’t just recommend them blindly. They should test your skin. Highest joules and lowest pulse width you can handle safely.