Is laser hair removal a scam?

I thought laser hair removal was more or less a guarantee for permanent reduction (not removal), but it seems that even this cannot be achieved by laser (Lightsheer or any other). At least I’ve read differents comments of people that had been treated by laser, that the hair grows back after only 6 months. My question: are there ant people here that have positive experiences with laser hair removal? And with which kind?

I’d like to know, before throwing a lot of money in the water.

Hello Monique,

Just to let you know that I’ve had a positive experience with the Epi-touch Alex. I’ve had seven treatments for my underarms and now six weeks after the last treatment still am hair free. Please note that I do expect to go in every six months for maintenance. Quite reasonable at 25 dollars per treatment.

Two years ago I started LHR on my legs and acheived a good reduction. I am now continuing my treatments and have a realistic (read 60 -70% reduction) with a couple more treatments.

Good luck and be patient. The more you learn the better it gets. In my case this means that I get to choose when to go for treatments as opposed to the technician trying to drum up business. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I’m working with a limited budget and trying to get the most bang for my buck.

How many treatments did you get for your legs? I’m not willing to undergo 7 treatments costing 800 dollars each. And even after that, hair seems to be regrowing. I’m only willing to take two threatments or so.

As far as I can tell, reading up on clinical studies with the nd YAG laser, the best you’ll get with 2 treatments is 50% reduction (the study I read covered patients over a 15 month period). I think the best thing to do is find out your skin type and do some research into the different lasers available (perhaps even IPL).

Correct me if I’m wrong but there are many factors that influence successful hair reduction. Including fluence, pulse width, practioner skill (most importantly) and how many treatments are taken.

Though it may be possible to reach 100% hair removal, there is still no scientific data to suggest it will stay at 100%. I think the idea of using laser to remove/reduce a vast area and finishing off with electrolysis is a more likely outcome.

Hello Monique.

If you are unwilling to undergo more then 2 treatments with any of the laser systems then you are not a good canidate for hair removal. I know it is expensive and takes a lot of time and patience but 2 treatments will be near useless in helping you to achieve hair reduction goals.

I have had 4 full treatments on my legs using the lightsheer and this provided for a very good reduction over most of the areas except my upper thighs. I subsequently followed up with 3 full rounds of removal using electrolysis. At this point in time I have about 5% of my original dark or long hairs left on my legs. I have been satisfied with my results and feel that I have only afew clearences left with electrolysis till I am to the point were I will be satisfied with the result.

Hair removal is expensive and uncomfortable but for me the sacrafices are so worth the results.
It is true that laser is not the be all and end all of hair removal but it sure offered me some good returns for the financial and emotional effort I have invested to this date.


Hello Monique,

Sorry to have left out some details in my original post.

Here goes: I acheived a gradual hair reduction on my underarms with each treatment. I only have to go every six months for a “touch-up” so that the few, and I do mean few, hairs that come up can get cleared. I do this for myself and not out of necessity.

As for the legs I guess that I am fortunate that the GentleLase clinic I deal with only charges 400 to 500 dollars (canadian) for treatments. This includes legs, feet and bikini. I can also opt to have my legs done in two sessions (upper one month the lower the next). This allows for a more forgiving financial commitment.

As it is understood that LHR is for a permament hair reduction it is therefore necessary to assume that a number of treatments are required to acheive the desired results.

I may be speaking out of turn but If I understand correctly it is the hair’s growth at various stages that determine how effective the treatments will be.

Good luck with your decisions. Might sound weird but LHR is addictive.