Is Laser Ever Worth It?

I’m a 25 year old male to female transsexual. I’ve had some surgery and don’t make testosterone anymore. I’ve had electrolysis on my face and no longer had a beard. MY body hair has thinned out a lot, but remains a problem on the chest and stomach area. I went in for laser consult today, and was quoted a rate of 700 dollars an hour. They use the Candela Gentlelase system. The treatment lady assured me she would be able to treat most of my entire upper body within the hour, and that I would need 4+ treatments.

I’m hesitant to go through with it. Transition costs a lot, and I don’t make much so ever penny counts. Laser is expensive, but would be worth it if I had reassurance it would work. However, there are so many horror stories on here about complete regrowth that I don’t want to waste my money on something that may provide zero results. At the same time, electrolysis would take forever and probably cost a lot as well. I don’t know what to do now.


what is your skin and hair type? if it is dark coarse hair and light skin, you should get good results, especially since you’re not producing testestorone anymore like you said. most people who don’t get results because there is something else stimulating the hair growth and killing the current hair doesnt prevent new hair from developing, which is whta happens. 1 hour is a long time, bikini or underarms can be done in 5-8 minutes to give you an idea. if i were you, i would give it a try or at least do a test spot and see what happens. just go into it with reasonable expectations. that area is not as hard to treat. males that you read about with less than perfect results usually have issues with back and upper arm hair which is hard to treat. you should be expecting that once all is left is finer hair, you will need electrolysis to clean it up if you want to be completely hairfree. but laser should take care of the bulk of what you have and will be much more cost-effective and time-efficient for you in the long run.


You need to get your facts straight, Ive have 20 treatments and im not stimulating any new hair never,laser is just not killing hardly any hair period. Most people who are upset with laser treatments just cant kill the the hair they have, a small % of people do get hair stimulated. Do you have stock in lasers or what. Why do you think sonamedspa now has a life time gaurantee now in some states. Laser works for some and dont work for alot.I think you should get your head checked.

Laser does work!
I have reduced my legs hair by 50-60% (even reduction) after just 2(lower legs) and 3 (upper legs) treatments. There is no area that has been treated and hasn’t yelled better results than 50%.
Now I am treating upper arms no and the same thing after 5th treatment There is HUGE reduction. The results are permanent!! I am gus 21 years old so no age excuses either. The other day I was talking to my tech and asked him about all these people on forums complaining about effectivness of laser . He said that it may be tech’s fault if he doesnt know what energy levels use on skin types, or patient expectation. If you are treated with Gentlease and going as high as 30 joules ans still see all the hair growing back then maybe you have some underlying problem cuz my doctor said that 80-90% of his patients gets results like mine. I think Laser is a great start to get all these dark course hair off and then finish up with electrolysis.

i don’t need to get anything checked. i got wonderful results from laser. thanks. maybe you need to get your diet, your hormones, and possible underlying medical conditions checked. i don’t have any underlying issues and laser has worked great for me as well as plenty of people on these forums like above who actually care to come back to report good results.

Thanks! I will compromise; I’m going to buy 15 minute treatments, and go the required number of times. If I get the results I want, then I will go ahead and treat other areas. I’ll probably use the lower abdomen as my test area, since it doesn’t show. I don’t expect to get rid of every single hair with laser, but thinning it out a lot would be nice.

There are many places in North Texas, but all that I have checked use a flat negotiated fee per treatment. Certainly there are package discounts, but an hourly charge puts more of the cost factor into the hands (literally) of your tech or doctor. Yes, many areas don’t take long, but I don’t want her to speed through the process and skip areas or risk a burn. Plus, $700/hr is expensive. I get my back and brazillian done in about 45 minutes for about $250. Be careful to select a competent tech, good/real laser, and then an optimum price. Shop around, some of the chains are a good deal (PM me if you wish).

I have spent a lot on laser treatments for face, brazilian and recently legs. The cost was expensive, and seems to rise with the gaurentees they now give out for extra treatments in case it does not work. I definately think the money was well spent.

Honestly what seems to happen is the more treatments I get, I forget how hairy I was before. If I think back and everything. My laser hair removal results have been about 85% at this time. I figure if laser can not get every hair it at least will help to kill enough of them to make a difference.

Good Luck and keep posting results…

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Just had my third laser treatment on legs and patiently waiting good results on them too.

I have found everyone here to be very helpful so far. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Regarding the horror stories that you might hear about, yes, on these forums, you will read posts from others who have negative experiences. That is the nature of these boards. People are looking for moral support for the negative. For many of those who have had positive results, these boards aren’t consulted because it doesn’t enter their heads to consult with boards. They are happy and go on their way in life and have other priorities.
I’ve continued watching these boards because this subject has interested me and I have learned a lot from others. Also, I feel I should contribute to the positive for those who are considering jumping in. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. One doesn’t know if laser will be effective unless its tried. There are no guarantees.

As for me, I have to agree that laser (and IPL with radio frequency) does work. I’ve had a pretty substantial reduction, too.

I have to agree with above points. one - you definitely forget what you started out with and start obsessing about every little sparse hair that pops up when in reality the outcome overall is nothing NEAR what you started with. it’s easy to get used to something nice and take it for granted <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> two - people search for forums to find answers to questions. people who are happy don’t need to inquire about anything. i’ve been on these forums for the same reasons as BRR, and happy to report good results as well.