is it working?

Hi everyone–

I’ve had six biweekly 15-min treatments on my upper lip (blend, I think). Three months later, the hair is still coming in, and I’m still having to shave between treatments (embarassing!). I know the human body has hundreds of hairs per square inch (I probably have more since I’m so hairy!), but I’m getting a little frustrated with how long this treatment is taking.

Is this normal or is this time to start looking for a new electrologist? Any info/advice would help. I feel like a mutant hairy Frankenstein between treatments and my self-esteem is taking a hit!

There have been a number of discussions on this forum about the hair growth cycles. The bottom line is that because the cycle is so long, you can’t know for sure whether the treatments are working until as much as a year has passed and you can compare your state with a photograph of how you originally were.

I personally remain mystified by how many hairs magically appear from skin that I swear I completely cleared.

As long as the insertions are deep enough, and the hair is sliding out easily, it’s highly likely that the treatments are succeeding.

I thought you weren’t suppose to shave in between treatments? I’ve heard it doesn’t make the hair grow any faster or thicker (supposedly) but doesn’t it make the end more blunt and noticable? I was advised not to touch the area being worked on…

You did not mention how you removed your hair before beginning electrolysis. If you were a tweezer, expect the hairs to continue to cycle in. That could be the crop of hair that boths you now. The blend is a wonderful treatment. If you do not feel tweezing and the skin is in great condition, just be patient. It takes time!If shaving makes the hair disapper between appointments, SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE. Give your elctrologist one or two days growth to be able to lift the hair out. Do not shave within two days after a treatment, to give the skin time to heal. Hang in there.

The treatment area needs to heal after treatment, but depending on the treatment you received, you could be cleared to shave again in as little as 24 hours, or as much as 72 hours.

Judge for yourself. When the shaving action will not be scraping or slicing off anything in need of healing, you should be fine.

There are many things that can help speed the healing process. I am partial to Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera myself. Some like calamine lotion, witch hazel (there is even a product called “Witch Vera” that is Aloe and Witch Hazel) some like Neosporin. I caution the use of neosporin because many people are allergic to it, and those people will only have their condition get worse as applying the product to intact skin can cause a problem worse than electrolysis post treatment, let alone applying it to open skin.

Take Care, and keep us informed as to your progress.

Thanks for the encouragement! I spoke with my electrologist over my concern with how long it’s taking, and she assured me–as all of you have–that it’s perfectly normal.

(Just as a background, I was tweezing and waxing for about twelve years (I’m 25 now) before I realized that the hairs were just coming in faster and coarser. The last time I tweezed was about two weeks before my first electrolysis appointment, and I’ve been careful only to shave (trim more like it) only the hairs that are noticeable from far away.)

But–it looks like it’ll be another few months before I really see progress. Still, this is something I’m willing to stick to!

Just wanted to provide an update on my progress. Well, it’s been about four months after I started biweekly on my upper lip treatments, and now I’m seeing real results!

After the last treatment, I’ve only had a few darker hairs coming in. And, thanks to the encouragement on this site, I’ve started getting other areas treated, including my chin, neck, sideburns, and eyebrows. I didn’t have as much of a problem in those areas–just a few coarse hairs–but they seem to be getting better too.

I wish I had done this, say, ten years ago! It’s definitely an investment, but I think it’ll be really worth it for my self-esteem.

My only concern is that the electrolysis does seem to make my skin tend to break out more and hyperpigment just a tad. And it has been leading to some problematic ingrown hairs in some areas (jawline and neck). Any suggestions? I have been stressed out recently, so I’m sure that doesn’t help.

Anyway–thanks for the encouragement!

Just follow your post treatment care guide.

If you are doing Tea Tree Oil at night, and Aloe Vera during the day, your skin will heal, and any particulate matter will be dissolved, and pushed out of the area in no time. You may also need an Aloe-Cortisone to keep yourself from scratching.

Although it is possible that your electrologist could tweak the settings some to further minimize these things, it may just be your skin sensitivity, and/or your post treatment care. It is hard to say without seeing you.

What ever it is, would you say that the temporary problem is worth the lifetime ahead of you with hair free, and care free skin? After all, some people who get L.A.S.E.R. treatments spend six weeks looking like Freddie Krueger!