Is it Working? Please Help

Greetings. I have light skin, darker hair, and I have been getting treatments on my chest and stomach recently. The technician is using 34 jules (I think that’s the measurement) and I think she’s using the light-shear. I get treatments every six weeks. I seem to find that within a week of a given treatment, my hair is significantly decreased (to a greater degree each time). However, right about week 5, I feel that the hair is starting to grow back, and becomes thicker again. The reason I suspect this is because during weeks 2 - 4, I can easily shave my chest and stomach, about once every 3 days, and it’s effortless, shows NO razor burn, and leaves a 100% smooth surface. Right about week five, I notice razor burn coming back, and I feel the hairs are coming back after lying dormant.

The same happened to me on my face. The same technician gave me about 7 treatments on my face spaced 6 weeks apart. Every treatment, I seemed to notice more and more shedding. The same pattern ensued - between weeks 2 and 5, I found a dramatic reduction in the hair. However, it has all seemed to “grow back” (I stopped the face treatments because they were too painful - the chest and stomach are very tolerable).

Please let me know if a) the technician is not doing her job, or b) if I have some sort of very stubborn hair, or c) if this is a known problem, and I have to just stick with it. Thanks!

Wanted to bump this to the top to see if anyone had any advice. Thanks!

I think you should change where you get your treatments done at. 6 weeks is too soon to be going. You should be going at a 12-13 week interval.

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[I just wanted to say that after my 3 rd treatment which was also spaced out (every 6wks)I noticed that I wasn’t seeing much of a reduction and I addressed this to the tech so she recommended that I start going every week for 1 month and then take a month off. Since I have been doing this I am seeing much of a reduction. :smile: