is it safe to trim your face

i have a little hair on my upper lip, but is it ok to trim it off? i am right now looking at Remington Mini Trimmer and i was very interested in this. oh i should add im a girl

It is more than okay to shave your upper lip. You will NOT cause more hair to grow and you will not affect the existing hair to grow deeper, darker or coarser if you shave. Clipping or shaving is a very cheap way to temporarily remove bothersome hair, so go for it!.

If hormones, genetics, medication, etc. cause this hair to become more noticable in the future or you don’t like the stubbly feel after shaving, electrolysis is the way to go to permanently rid yourself of this hair. Most importantly, find a skilled electrologist to do this.


Hi CoOkii

I am male and have strong leg, chest and facial hair. I have never seen an increase in any of this hair I have shaved off. I think it’s safe!