Is It Safe To Laser Under Eyebrows?

My laser technician lasers under my eyebrows. Does anyone know if this is safe to continue doing? Thank You.

Mine wouldnt do it.

In NYC where I went, the owner did all eye areas himself personally. On one visit the technician offered to do it and I ended up with after image in one eye for about a week.

They used a very targeted laser that was meant for eye area and blew air and had a very small light circle.

My view now, with what I know, would be it is not safe. Innovations happen quite fast these days, so maybe there is a new hand piece device that makes it safer to do?

Ther will always be strong flashes of light reaching the eye bulbs.

That is even noticeable if You have faciaol photoepilation close to the eyes like in beard removal. I never liked that.

Therefore i would not risk that - that region is the domain of good electrologists. Moreover in most situations the number of hairs to be treated is small enough so that electrolysis may be also economically more attractive than LHR.