Is it possible.......

to have PCOS even though blood tests have shown normal hormone levels?

I’m not an expert in this, but I think that there is more than one thing to test for. Unfortunately, not many doctors are knowledgeable enough and interested to deal with PCOS, and so they may misdiagnose you out of carelessness and neglect.

Do you have any symptoms of PCOS to suspect pathology? You know, there are a bunch of reasons why women can have extra hair. Many of them are perfectly healthy, though.

If you still feel uneasy, get a second opinion from your endocrinologist.

Good luck!

What people don’t often understand is that there can be a wide range of “normal” regarding hormone levels. You need a battery of tests from an endocrinologist with a long background of dealing with PCOS, and also possible testing for diabetes if your family has a history of this disease. One little blood test does not tell the full story. :wink: