Is it possible to change the texture of hair?

It seems to me that every hair that is pulled out from the root grows back diffirently. The problem is when it grows back in a diffirent direction thus causing an unwanted look especially on something like eyebrows. Is this someting that can be controlled(or repaired. I’d like the hair to grow back the same as before and not downards etc) or is science simply not far enough yet?

Interesting question.

I so far have not come across anything in regards to this.

My arm hair grows funny from the years of epilating. I’ve had 5 laser treatments which has eliminated a lot of the hair. I wish what was left would grow in one direction and close to the skin (as untouched arm hair does) but the damage as been done.

My sister on the other hand, never removed or shaved her arm hair pre-laser. She’s had 3 treatments so far and the little hair that has grown back since the last treatment is still growing like it was before.

Well it’s kinda strange. Even with shaving the hair grows in a diffirent way than before although nowhere near as dramatic as plucking/waxing would do. I would love it if I could control any of this because the hair has never returned to its original state.

The direction it grows is often the result of how you remove it, i.e. which way you pull or which direction you shave.

I’d like to bump this topic to see if any other people may have some information on this unknown subject.

I am interested as well.

Do you still pluck the distorted hair ? I guess if you want them to recover you should maybe stop the plucking and wait for few growth cycles to happen and see how it goes from there.