Is it okay to have Electrolysis done on Ears?

Hello All,
I am getting lots of electrolysis done on my face and will go to hands arms shoulders…

Right now my question is Can electrolysis be safely done on ears? In particular outer edge of the ears.

Thank You.

It is perfectly safe and effective to treat ears. The only time when it becomes a problem working on ears and noses for that matter is when it starts to become difficult to get an easy insertion to the follicle. Good magnification increases the amount of hairs that can be treated, and sometimes a bent probe will help reach hairs not accessable otherwise.

The reason many electrologists won’t treat ears and noses is that whiie in the average treatment, a client scratching the treatment area, or not keeping it clean will lead only to freckling, infection, and or, possible scarring, in the case of the ear and nose, not keeping the area clean, dry and free from picking and scratching could lead to death in the worst case situation. So if you find an electrologist willing to do this for you, be good enough to follow the post treatment care to the letter.

Thanks. A tip from Pro couldn’t be any better. :grin:

Re: treatment of ears;
You should only have one side of the tragi (the small protruding of the ear that covers the ear canal) done at a time. Allow 3 - 4 days before having the opposite side of the tragi worked on. In other words do not have both sides of the tragi treated at one sitting. The reason is that the hairs here are quite deep and if you insert from both sides, the destructive pattern of the current overlaps the cartilage. Hence you will experience overtreatment and you will notice the tragi shrinking. The tragi, once it shrinks, is gone for good. It will not grow back. The same applies to the pinna (the outer rim of the ear). I never epilate on both sides at the same sitting. I do one side of the pinna and tragi of each ear at one sitting then I will assess the client no less than 4 days later to see if it is appropriate to treat the opposite sides of the pinna & tragi of each ear. Ear cartilage is so very fragile that there is no room for error here. I’ve seen a few disfigured ears and it is quite disheartening as this is all totally avoidable. Technik ist wichtig. Good luck.