Is it okay to ask . . .

the average number of hairs that they usually remove in an hour? Where I used to live, the woman I went to was amazingly fast. Now that I have moved, I have tried 2 other places where they are so slow that I would say they removed only 1/4 of the number of hairs that the first woman did each treatment. Is it a normal question to ask when checking out different places? Is it something that an electrolysis would know? I imagine that much of it depends of the type of hair but in my case, the three different woman were doing the exact same area yet the first woman was so much faster. It seems like all three of them removed the root because I didn’t feel it when the hair was being pulled out. Thanks

it all depends on the electrologist’s experience. an experienced one can remove 5-6 hairs per minute with thermolysis. it’s a good idea to sample a few. have one session with different ones and choose the one you find most effective. it’s also about the effectiveness of the treatment/insertions etc, not just speed. make sure they’re not “tweezing” the hair. you usually don’t feel the hair being pulled out as you would when tweezing it yourself.


If the second operator was using blend wheras the first was using thermolysis it would make a difference. Thermolysis is much faster than blend.

Also operator skill and speed vary. Some operators can treat 3 or more hairs and then remove them. Some may have trouble seeing the hair follicle and treating it.

Since my hair is now less dense and sometimes finer, my electrolygist takes more time finding any missed hairs at the end of the session.

Either way, I hope it is working for you.


It should also be noted that unless the operator has a counter on the machine, the operator may not even know what the average work rate is, or what your work rate came out to.

I don’t reset my counter. It is time that can be spent treating hairs. there are too many factors involved. Thick dark hairs are easier to see and will get a faster insertion but may require more time. Fine hair are more challanging to see and it is important to take time to make a proper insertion.
Quality should be the main focus.