Is it ok to bleed?

I have just started having electrolysis appointments, and after this last session, I noticed several areas of my face were bleeding, one quiet a bit. I had to dab my face afterwards before going outside.

Is this normal? I’m very new to this so I am confused as to what to expect.

hi, I think this is a bad sign. You face should not bleed. I believe it can bring infection. I might be wrong. But bleeding while getting electrolysis thats bad.

The odd blood spot usually means they punctured the bottom of the follicle but it should not continue to bleed like yours did.
If it was an accident it should only be one time and a very small blood dot.

What happened to you is not good, I would find another electrolygist.

Kathy :grin:

Any bleeding should have been small, and should have been done with before you ever saw your face at the completion of the hour. I agree, you need to look at who else is near you and audition some more electrolysis people.

Thanks guys, I will never go back to her again. I wasn’t sure if something was wrong, but wanted to clarify that before I ditched her services.

It could be a punctured follicle or maybe she just tweezed the hair. If the hair is tweezed you could see blood. At any rate, as a rule, neither should happen, unless it an accident. But not on the whole face!

Thanks guys! Just an update=) I found a new electroysis person this week and they are 110% better then my old one. So anyone out there having doubts about there current electrolysis, please please listen to your gut and go find a new one. Its worth it!

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Get a consultation with as many practitioners as you can in your area before settling on who will do your work for you. The skin you save will be your own. After all, if by some stroke of luck the first one you consult with happens to be the best in town, you will appreciate her/him more after having seen just how bad it can get in your area. You may even get to the point where you think your wonderful electrologist is actually undercharging you based on how much better she/he is compared to others in town who are charging as much or more… It Could Happen! :smiley: