Is it normal to get a blister where you remove a hair?

I’ve done three little tests, and each hair I’ve removed has left a little blister. Is this normal? If not, what am I doing wrong?

Blisters are not good. Is your insertion deep enough? Or you may be overtreating (leaving the probe in too long). Try not to make shallow (close to the top of the skin’s surface)insertions. If the intensity is too high, that can cause blistering, also. Keep practicing,but not on your face.


I actually think my insertion might have been too deep. Would that cause blistering?

If it deep, but you keep the probe inserted longer than necessary, then the heat or chemical can reach the top area of skin. Refresh me on what apparatus you are using and what modality, thermolysis or blend? Did you purchase a professional epilator off e-bay or are you using a One Touch?

I’m doing galvanic, and I’m using the Blendtone by Instantron. I had the timer on 10 for leg hair. I wonder if that was too high perhaps.

Could have been 10 sec was too long. Bring down the timing to 9 seconds and see what happens. Go to 8 seconds if necessary. Just play around with the intensity and the timing until the hair slides out nicely and the top layer of skin still looks normal.