Is it normal to feel like not much is happening?

I am about 4 months into my treatment on my chin and under chin.
I am going every week for 30-45 mins, I have a mixture of finer hair and terminal hair.
Every week the finer, vellous hair seems to have gone crazy by the time my appointment comes. I dread to think what it would be like if I just left it…
I have asked how long it will be before I am done and i know it could take up to 2 years from what I have read on here, but when I ask I get a woolly answer that doesn’t really answer it. I just want to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.
When will I notice an improvement?

A photograph would be great here. Are you noticing a difference with the thicker hairs?

It doesn’t seem to photograph well. I don’t have a crazy amount of terminal hairs on my face but a lot of ‘fuzz’.
I think there IS some difference with the thicker hairs but I don’t know, I had hoped for more of an improvement I suppose. I know I’m impatient and I know it will take time but I think I just thought that there would be less by now.

People need to accept that ‘fuzz’, even if it is long and noticeable, is not easy to treat.

The reality of electrolysis in this country is that most electrologists are not equipped to deal with this kind of hair. You can put in hours and hours and get nowhere. Not to mention that most of the hair will be in telogen. The prevailing theory here is that telogen hairs (hopefull that is slowly changing) cannot be treated and therefore the electrologists do not know what to do to effectively destroy those follicles. If that is the case, I can almost guarantee you that most those hairs will regrow.

I’m pretty sure another used suggested you try Mairi Hawkes in Scotland. She is one of the few I know that would be able to make significant headway if you spend a day with her. Instead of going every week for what probably amounts to 1 hour. You would need to see her for a days worth of treatment every 8-12 weeks.

The best way to actually judge true reduction is to go in for longer treatments and get clearance in say 2 weeks total. Then, you can just come in once a month to clear new hairs. In between, you’ll be able to tell what’s actually left.

I very much doubt this poster can get anything near clearance in two weeks from the current electrologist.

And this isn’t to be misinterpreted that you (Sky) should try to push your electrologist to achieve clearance. If the electrologist was able to do this within a short period, they would have suggested this method to you themselves. You need to seek out something who is equipped to deal with your hair.

First let me tell you that what you are seeing is COMPLETELY normal. Your hair issue is always worst in the first few months. We also develop tunnel vision and all we can see is the hair.

I am treating exactly the same area you are. Except I probably have a disadvantage, I was born male. I had a full beard. I did do some laser, but it had almost no effect on my chin which was almost entirely grey.

In the past two months I have had work done on my chin almost daily. I am a DIY’er so that means I have a machine available for me to use, whenever I feel like 24 hours a day. I can tell you I’ve put in 100’s of hours in two months( DIY is much slower than having someone work on you) , primarily in the area you speak of. I still get regrowth after a few days, and will for months to come.

So what are you to do? Well the suggestion of getting clearance is one option. You can like me, have lots of electrolysis done in order to accomplish this. You may ( probably will) have to use a different professional to get that much work done at once.Your other option trather than to go for complete clearance is to step up the schedule a bit. Go for an hour, maybe 3 times a week for the next 3 months and you’ll see a huge difference. At around the 9 month from start point, you’ll start to notice huge difference.The further on you are, and the more work you have done, the better the effect will be later on.

So…have faith. It WILL get better. 3 months really you are right in the middle of the worst part of it, and it’s normal to get a little discouraged.


It would be good to know how many hairs this electrologist is removing per minute and with which method. And the reason for 30 min treatments vs. say 2 every other day for a week to get clearance.

It is vital to have excellent magnification to treat this type of hair accurately and efficiently. Does your practitioner use loupes? Stopits’ advice is excellent.