Is it me or is it my waxer?

Back in December, I (a male, btw) got my body waxed mostly all over: legs, chest, butt, pubic area, but not forearms or armpits or scrotum. I liked it a lot, and it lasted a good 3 weeks before the hair growing back became noticeable. What did grow back was finer than before, and sparser. So I let it grow out some more, and went back after about 6 weeks to have it done again. But the 2nd time around, many hairs broke off at the surface of the skin instead of pulling out by the follicle, and I got stubble a few days later. This was especially a problem on my thighs and pubic area, but no so much on my chest and shins/calfs. I did not have a lot of body hair to begin with, it’s always been fairly fine and sparse, and after the first waxing was more so.

Was the bad result 2nd time just my waxer not being consistent in her technique, or might it be something about me and my body hair? Should I seek another waxing salon, or give her another chance?

Why did you wait 6 weeks?

You need to rewax every 3 to 4 weeks.
Most males are usually 3 weeks because of amount of hair!
Any longer and it’s like starting out waxing for the first time and yes you do get some broken hairs.
Did you exfoilate daily and apply aloe on skin where waxed?

Sounds like it could be either her technique, or something different about your skin/body… were you sufficiently hydrated? Was it a hotter day, or colder? Try to think what may have been different… a different wax type? Different amount of time on before removal…?


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Ideally you should have gone no longer than four weeks, that seems to be the best timing.
As for breakage, a good job will result in only about 10% breakage so it sounds like you just got a crappy job that time.
Unfortunately technicians are humans and have bad day, don’t give up on her unless you get the same result the next time.
Also, is she cleansing the skin and then powdering before she waxes, or applying oil after cleansing? If not then that can also cause breakage…and another thing, sorry for being so scattered today…if your hairs are too long when you get waxed you sort of get this snapping back reaction because hairs are like elastic bands and that can cause breakage. Did that make any sense, I’m so not a morning person.


Flipper: Next time you get waxed, try doing the underarms. You’ll like the smooth feeling there best of all places.

Hey thanks for the advice everyone. I went back the other day, at last, and go tit done again. There was much less breakage this time, probably because I discussed with her this problem, as well as posting on the board. A contributing factor, she says, is that there are many hairs on my thighs and my chest which grow in the “wrong” direction, and those are the areas that had it the worst last time. Another woman at the salon did me this time (2 days ago) and the results are as good as the first time.

As for going for 6 weeks, well - I’m new at this. :smile: My body hair is fairly sparse and the woman who does me says I should go about five weeks between waxing. So I was really just a week late. It was almost 8 weeks between the unsatisfactory 2nd waxing, and the one I just did, which went well.

barrester: I’ve thought about the underarms, and I might do it one day. I might do my forearms, too, and go completely Flipper. :grin:

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Flipper, don’t think about the underarms, or forearms… just do it… Make sure you get your hands done if you get your arms done… soon, you will wanting more and more done… :grin:

I take Aguila’s tag-line motto one step further… I go home for a cool shower after a full body wax, and then I shave my head… basically, I am left with just eyebrows and eye lashes… :grin:

Can’t get much smoother than that… :grin:

Good luck,


I’m thinking about using Nad’s for my facial hair. I don’t really have a lot, but I’m getting tired of plucking and tweezing. I just wanted to know whether it’s a good idea or not. I’m just afraid that it may grow thicker or longer or whatever when it does grow back. And how long do I have to let the hair get in order to rewax? Is it a good idea to use it all over your face? Help! Is there a better inexpensive method?