Is it bad to pull out the dead lasered hairs?

Hi. I had laser hair removal over a week and a half ago on my butt with GentleLASE at 14 j and 15 mm spot size. (I’m a female with type 3 skin). After five days from my treatment, I noticed that some of the hairs would easily fall out when I gently tugged at them. The hairs that didn’t come out when I tugged at them I just left them alone. But I was wondering if it’s bad to pull out the dead lasered hairs?

Also, am I shedding too early? I’ve shed alot even though its been 12 days since the treatment. Is shedding only supposed to happen during the 3rd week from the last treatment? Or is it normal to shed throughout the first 3 weeks, and then end sometime within the 3rd week?

what you’re seeing is completely normal. shedding occurs anywhere from 1.5-3.5 period, gradually. yes, it’s fine to tug on the hair that slides out without resistance, just be careful not to touch any that don’t. exfoliating and gently scrubbing in the shower with a loofa helps get some of the hair out as well.