Is it bad to miss a treatment inbetween?

I messed up the planning with the only clinic thats good for me. It’s now 10 and a half weeks since my 4th treatment and the earliest treatment I can get is in about 5 weeks.

So since the 4th treatment, I will have waited almost 16 weeks. Is this a bad thing for my results at the end?

It is not good or bad. It helps if your treatments are following a pattern that is not interrupted by such a long time. We like to get hair in the growing cycle as it makes for an easier treatment for you. Otherwise there will be more hair in the last cycle and sometimes that can be a little uncomfortable and feel like tweezing. It has no effect on the treatment as the energy to destroy the follicle is doing the job. Its like shooting someone who is asleep vs one who is awake.The aim is what counts and it is easier when the target is not moving. You will see more rapid results from each treatment if you maintain a regular schedule. We know it is sometimes impossible to do that but you asked the question.

What body area is it?

As you probably know, Laser can only kill follicles with anagen hairs (providing the settings are high enough, hair thick enough etc etc). So if you wait too long, some of the hairs may become telogen so this treatment won’t effect them.

I don’t know how long it takes for hairs to become telogen in different body areas, I’m sure the electrologists will know. However, if it’s a body area, I think you’ll be fine and most of the hair will still be in anagen.

The hairs that can’t be killed now (of any) will just need to be treated later when they come through again. So in any case it wouldn’t be bad, it would just require more treatments.

It’s laser hair reduction for my hands. Untill now I have been on a perfect schedule for the last 4 treatments every 10 weeks.

Ok so the hairs that went into anagen the last 10 weeks are gonna shed soon right. But when will these missed hairs grow back again? Not next year I hope…

Everything that normally sheds, will shed at the week 16 appointment. And you are right, if anything is in telogen and doesn’t get killed (just forced to shed by the 5th treatment) will come back next year.

Hmm that kinda sucks. I was aiming for this to be my last treatment, because at this point I’m almost satisfied with the amount of hair reduced. So basicely if I quit after my week 16 appointment I’ll just be a little bit more hairy around this time of every year?

Maybe I can manage to get another treatment this upcoming week and all will be well…i wish i didn’t mess up my planning.

Pretty much, I doubt it will be very much.

Also, even when you stop, in the following months, you’ll have some hair come through.

really. how much is gonna grow? i mean i started last year late november and had treatments every 2 months up to now. when would the results stay the same?
thanks for your help.

Well, it is not possible that 100% of the hairs treated at the first appointment (or any later appointment) will have resulted in the death of follicles… because there will always be some hairs that are too fine to permanently kill. In the coming months these hairs and the hairs that were in telogen at your first treatment will come through.

If those are mostly fine hairs then no problem. i dont need full removal of all the hairs btw. im just hoping my results at the end are atleast permanent.

I think you will be fine. If the settings were good and most of the hair coarse and dark enough, then the results will be permanent. If you find that there’s more hair than you’d like, I don’t think more treatments would help (if the settings for these were aggressive). You’d need electrolysis.

Do you mean at this point or after I have had the recommended amount, like say 6 treatments in total?

When you finish the recommended amount, generally a year’s worth of treatments.

Ok I’'d say about 30 to 40% of the hair is gone now and all the hair just seems less noticeable now.

I’m still kinda paranoid about missing my last treatment though i cant stop thinking about it.

Am I wasting my time getting my 5th treatment 16 weeks after my 4th treatment? cause i plan on quitting after this, but i just hope it makes a diffirence…