Is insertion supposed to hurt?

I know electrolysis burns and is a bit painful, but is it normal to be hurting even before the current goes through, just from the prick of the needle? Or should the insertion of the needle be pain free?

Yes,… if a perfect insertion is made into the follicle opening before the current is applied. If the insertion is off a little or alot, it can feel prickish. One who is inexperienced and who performs electrolysis on themself, will frequently feel the insertion of the probe. That is why aids like a good light source and quality magnification are essential weapons to have when doing electrolysis. Light and vision equipment are expensive, but having them help one find the target and thus make treatments more comfortable.


A perfect insertion with no current would not be felt.

If you feel it, either the insertion is not perfect, or the probe size is too large.

Good lighting and vision equipment help one do a good insertion.

I frequently sneak and do an insertion on the client while asking them, “Are you ready? Are You sure? Well, that’s good, because I have had it in you the whole time.”