Is home IPL for me ?


I’ve been reading about home IPL devices and that they are not powerful enough to permanently kill hair, however I wonder whether they would fit my needs.

I am 44 years old and been involved in weight lifting for many years. Now I am mostly interested in maintaining a model-look, which is of course compromised by hair. I am pretty hairy in chest, arms and legs (fortunately I have almost no hair in shoulders and back). My skin is pale and the hair is black.

What I’m interested in is a severe reduction of the hair. I’m not interested anymore in complete removal. I just want enough reduction so that my definition is not obstructed. I would like to reach a point where a full-body treatment with a home IPL device every 2-3 months would be enough to keep my hair at low levels. I’m thinking about a 70-80% reduction.

There is no way I would visit a professional for this. I’m not thinking about money, but the time investment would be huge. And I’m also thinking that if laser would permanently kill hair in some places but not others, I would have to keep going for touch ups or else I would remain patchy.

So I wonder if the current home IPL devices can give me what I want: After an initial period of more frequent treatments, reach a point where one treatment every 2-3 months would keep my hair reduced to 20-30% of my current levels.

Thanks for any input.

I’m a bit out of my element here, but considering your goal, my major concern would be pigmentation. The skin’s pigment is controlled by light, and an even pigmentation is important to your concerns.

Caveat Emptor.