Is electrolysis a viable treatment for men?

Hya all.

I’m a 28yo male. I’ve gone through laser hair removal treatments with mediocre results at best, and have recently read about electrolysis.
Is electrolysis practical for relatively large areas? my laser treatments are taking about 15-20 minutes, covering shoulders and upper part of the arms. reading on the forum that it may take up to an hour just to treat some small areas of the face, is it even practical to try electrolysis? should I expect it to cost more than laser treatment?


Recent post that addresses your issues

My feeling is that electrolysis is cheaper than Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation because Electrolysis comes to a conclusion. I still don’t know of anyone who got full 100% permanent hair removal via LASER.

People who have a good electrologist, and put in the time, on schedule, get finished. Most things can be finished in 9 to 18 months. Any treatment over 18 months, is usually small time touch ups on hair that only you and your electrologist really notice.