is Aurora better for finer hairs?

hello all,
i dont remember where abouts on this messageboard i read (sorry, i would have posted a link but i couldnt find it, spent ages trying to but couldnt!) , but someone said that aurora is aimed for finer hairs. is this true andrea?

also , has anyone had aurora done on their stomach , and if so what were the results like?

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I had a patch test done on my stomach between 5 and six months ago with the Aurora. This area had previously been treated with laser and electrolysis so I would say that the hair was “finer”. The results were fantastic. The area after nearly six months is clearly visable when compared to the untreated areas surrounding it. Also, the stomach is an area that seems to be almost painless to treat with the Aurora, and after about a half day there was no indication of treatment. I experienced shedding about two weeks later, and the regrowth is finer and lighter. I will get further treatments on this area next year.

u say u had laser done on your stomach before having the aurora… so why did u stop with that laser if it was good?? what laser was it and how many treatments did u have ?

what part of the stomach was it? was it the area near the bellybutton?
also, are u a boy or a girl? because males have a different texture of hair on their stomach in comparison to girls.

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I’m a man and I stopped laser because my color hair did not respond well to the lasers being used 5 years ago. I stopped electrolysis because it proved to be unrealistic in terms of treating large areas. So far the Aurora is delivering better results, but I will not know about long term results until I stop treatments for a year. So far so good.

I say the hair is “finer” because it had been previously reduced with the laser and electrolysis. The regrowth was finer. In comparison to the treatments I am getting on my beard with the Aurora (much coarser and untreated), I believe the Aurora to be more effective on the finer hairs. RJC2001 has been saying this same thing, and he seems to have had a lot of experience with all sorts of lasers and electrolysis. I recommend a patch test by a well qualified technician

Hi Lady Persia: I am sorry I did not reply to your e-mail - my computer has died so I have to wait until I am at work to go online. In regards to your question about which laser is better, you must first take several things into consideration. There are only 3 types of laser wavelength used for hair removal - diode, alexandrite and NdYag. These are all fabulous for hair removal, depending upon the skin type and hair color/texture. Alexandrite and diode are great for light (Fitzpatrick 1,2,3 skin types) skin and dark hair. NdYag, if powered correctly, is great for all skin types (Fitzpatrick 1-6) with dark hair. Nothing treats blonde or white hair except electrolysis. There are other types of machines that are used for hair removal, such as incandescent light sources or IPL, but the jury is still out on the permanancy of their results, plus they cannot be used on med. to dark skin types. If you need any more info, please feel free to contact me again. Ciao! :wink:

My dermatologist almost exclusively uses the Aurora on dark skin patients. In fact he got it for just that purpose. The vast majority of his clients are asian and hispanic. Other doctors using the Aurora, and RJC2001, all recomend it’s use and darker skin types. I don’t know about other IPL’s, but I guess the Aurora is not a typical IPL as it uses RF energy as well which allows it to do things without burning that others can’t.


AZBlaze, Are you affiliated with, or do you have any financial interest in the Aurora or Syneron? What is your professional background?

so anyway does it mean that the aurora is good for FINER hairs? :wink: i am strongly considering treatment for my stomach if that is the case, but im scared that if it doesnt work then ive shaved my stomach for no reason, thats my MAIN concern.

have any FEMALES used aurora before? please let us know if you have!

It is my experience that the Aurora does work better on fine hairs than lasers do. On coarse hairs the peformance difference is much less between the Aurora and a good diode laser like the Lightsheer. I also believe the Aurora may work better on light colored hairs but I have not have enough white hairs treated to definitively say yes.


RJC, so i take it youve had aurora done :wink: but on what part of your body? and roughly how many treatmentrs did you have.

also, how is aurora different from laser which makes it better for finer hairs?