Is ANYONE on these forum close to being done?

Just started electro. Aside from the typical inflammation/whiteheads and some more inflamed type pustules, it’s ok. Have gotten an initial 2 hour treatment to clear most of the darker coarser hair first and starting to tackle the finer as well. Getting blend on face and neck. Need encouragement. So is anyone actually making substantial progress? Anyone in NYC?

Obviously many people from the site are actually done and happy. Unfortunately, when they are done and happy, they rarely continue to share time with us here.

Hopefully, some of them will chime in and tell you about it, but in the meantime, you can find people finished and happy in the archives.

You can, of course, see some people who are finished on my web page, and there is a rather interesting post string from the past that I can shoot you a link to:

Yes, people get finished or James, myself and all the other electrologists that participate on this site would not still have very busy practices after all these years.

Electrolysis works. Simply said, as summed up on a T-shirt that the American Electrolysis Association sells, " The only things permanent is Death, Taxes and Electrolysis" or something close to that. Whether you get finished or not depends on the skill of the practitioner and to a big extent, the tools she /he uses to get the hair off fast. I know you wanted to hear from consumers and I wish they would respond. Anybody?

I’ve been done for several years now.

Some large areas of the body I have worked on, had a pro work on, are almost completely clear. It took about 12-14 months of regular clearings, and right on schedule with my hair growth cycle about 90%+ of the hair on those areas were gone.

Electrolysis works! Even home electro can work, not that I generally recommend it (trust me, it isn’t easy… to say the least!)

I am almost done, probably (and hopefully) need a few hours during the current hair growth cycle.

Despite suffering from overtreatment i am so convinced that i started my own business with electrolysis.


Depends what you mean by done :slight_smile:
I started electrolysis to tackle the hair that bothered me most -the upper lip. And, yes, I do now consider that area done.
The area is not 100% hairless (I think that looks unnatural) but the hair that is there is light peachy fuzz. I dont use any hair removal methods on it and havent for years. To me, this is done.

However, now that I don’t have that upper lip hair to worry about anymore, I have started focusing on other body areas.