I am haveing my first treatment tommorow and after reading this board, it scares me. I don’t read about too many happy customers. Can someone tell me that it works, it is permanent and that it will be worth it!!

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Hi copper.

There are a mixture of comments about electrolysis, positive and negative, on this bulletin board. With that said, can you imagine how many people who are finished and happy don’t hve the need to hunt for a forum such as this simply because they don’t have a problem with unwanted hair anymore?

A good thread on this forum to read is:;f=1;t=000326

Armed with the knowledge you can get from the hairtell and hairfacts sites, you’ll put it all together and find what method(s) suit your special problem.

Stay calm, patient and move forward.


This is from a while ago, but it’s a good question so I figured I’d revive it. I agree with the response that most people who are happy and content with their electrology aren’t searching for forums anymore.

I’m an exception to this because I had electrolysis done years ago in one area and have now started again in a new state with a new electrologist at a new and frightening body part and I can tell you from my previous experience that electrolysis can be very satisfying and successful. It’s a little tedious and expensive, but I know that in my case I was spending so much time obsessing over unwanted hair and spending so much money getting ripped off by every hair removal scam (and of course even more money on buying skin care products to help me recover from failed hair removal attempts!) that when I finally went for the electrolysis it actually seemed relatively cheap and fast. Once the area is cleared, it’s possible and likely that a few hairs might reappear as follicles change…but you’ll just need a quicky session to clean that up …which, trust me, is nothing. I mean…if you can’t just accept the hair’s existance…think about it…shaving every day for the rest of your life…or getting a 15 minute touch up session once every year or two or 3 or 10. it’s a pretty easy choice.

Just to add to the above, that finding a good electrologist will make treatment faster, more comfortable, less tedious and cheaper in the long run.

I’ve been on this board for about two years don’t post much but read every day. I just wanted to let everyone out there that doubts electrolysis efficiency that it does in fact work. Over the course of three years I saw literally two dozen electrologists throughout the Southeast U.S. some as far as 1.5 hours from where I lived and never saw any results. To make matters worse I could feel them tweezing, there offices were filthy and they severely damaged my skin. After reading the post especially from Mr. Walker I decided to go up to NYC and give Fino Gior a try. I have been three times since the beginning of February and the results are truly amazing. It has been two weeks since my third clearing and there is already very little re-growth. I can never remember my skin feeling like this. My whole body appearance has literally changed over the course of just four months. I can finally see all the muscles I have been working for for so many years. I never actually had work performed by Fino but his two sons John and James. Each time I would fly up to NYC and stay for 2-3 days and basically get worked on all day sometimes by both at the same time. I’m not going to say it was easy. I believe the longest day I did 10.5 hours straight and had a total of 14.5 of work due to 4 hours they were working together. By the end it was very challenging to stay in the chair even with some EMLA but it was well worth it. I’ve only had three visits and my years of worrying over unwanted hair have all but disappeared. They don’t need my praise because they’re already booked up 3 months in advance. But I have to say Fino and sons are absolutely awesome. Not only are thorough and efficient there office is immaculate and they do unbelievable job of treating their clients with respect and making them feel comfortable.

See my post of May 20, 2004 to “laceluna”. There may be some reassurance there for you. Good luck.