Is $3000 for 3 Lightsheer back treatments insane?

Me: 26 y/o super fair skinned male, Italian heritage, dark coarse brown hair. Looking for reduction / removal on the back.

There is a dermatologist with a great reputation in Beverly Hills who I saw as a teenager, and I consulted with her to get LHR on my back. She uses a Lightsheer diode. The quote was $3000 for three treatments of the back, $1000 per single treatment thereafter.

Is that insane? This is a respectable, legitimate dermatologist, and I definitely feel more comfortable going to her than shopping around places I’ve never been, spas and clinics etc. And a friend recommended a clinic with a Coolglide (which I decided against) where back treatments averaged out to $800 each, which isn’t much less. But the prices I read here are sometimes so much smaller, I wonder if this is just extreme and I could do better shopping around other places with Lightsheers? Or is it that hard finding a place you trust?

I can do $3000 for three treatments, and I can even do two more treatments on top of that for extra reduction later on, but I can’t pay $1000 each if it winds up being a double digit amount of treatments like some of you have. Thanks in advance.

Yes, it’s about twice as high as what most people pay here per treatment, even more (Dr Brandeis in BH charges $189 per treatment, although I don’t recommend him based on my experience with him). Try the dermatologist in BH that I used. Google Dr. Babapour. He uses GentleLASE. Also, use the search feature and type in “Los Angeles” to find other recommendations in the area. MD next to someone’s name doesn’t have anything to do with how well your treatment will go and how good they are at hair removal. they don’t teach it at med school.

I have used the search feature and read the board archives EXTENSIVELY (almost embarrassing). The LA information is spotty. But I did decide on the Lightsheer over the Coolglide. Haven’t looked into the Gentlelase at all…

for your skin type, either LightSheer (diode) or GentleLASE (alexandrite) will work well. It’s the skill and experience of the technician who’s treating you that’s going to make a difference in results between those 2 lasers. I’ve had very good results with my doctor and GentleLASE. Those are the top 2 out of 3 best lasers for light skin and dark hair (Apogee alexandrite is another well-known one).

The LightSheer is a very effective laser. However you will need more than 3 treatments if you wish to achieve maximum hair reduction.

Try to find Advanced Laser Clinics, there should be some in your area, they have LightSheers and do these treatments all day long. The experience is there which is crucial. I would imagine you could get 5-6 treatments for around 3K which is about right.

Just stay out of the sun. The more fair you are the more aggressive the treatments can be. Unless you are taking medications that cause sun sensitivity or have a medical condition that prevents the effectiveness of the treatments.

The results are very good.

be aware that the clinic that’s recommended above is a chain clinic, so there is no way to compare them as a whole. generally, there are a lot of negative experiences here with them at some locations due to high employee turnover and general carelessness about your results because they’re a chain and they’re getting customers from ads regardless. but each clinic is different, just make sure wherever you go, they treat you like a customer and care about your results rather than trying to sell you a used car <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

you are right about “chains” they all need to be verified with the BBB. The LightSheer is my main point and with a properly trained techinican/clinic the results are very good.

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