Is 16 too young??

I have hair on my upper lip and have been very down lately because of the bullying at school. I was then made to talk to the school counselor who said that some places do laser hair remoal for people that are 16, but i’d have to keep going back for touch ups over the years. Do you think this would be a good idea for me? i’m just coming up 15 so will have to wait a further year, but it’ll give me something to look to. Or would it be better if i waited till i was a bit older, say 18??
Would really like to hear back!! thanx

age doesn’t matter. you just need parent permission if you’re under 18. electrolysis would probably be best for upper lip and it’s good to get it done before you do anything with the hair. it’s best killed before you have a chance to mess with it by shaving, plucking, waxing etc. set up an appt with an electrologist. it’s permanent too, you most likely won’t need touch-ups unless you body produces more hair as you get older. the ones that are killed shouldn’t come back.

Hi Danni_Angel,

If you feel comfortable doing so, you could mention to your counselor that electrolysis is a better, less risky option for the face so that she knows to point other girls in your situation towards electrolysis rather than laser.

Good luck!

Absolutely, electrolysis. I had your same problem and laser made it worse! It’s too risky on the face if the hairs are fine, even if they are dark.


When you first posted your feelings in May, someone suggested that you talk to your mom. Have you had a conversation with your mother about how upseting this unwanted hair makes you feel and what’s happening to you in school? She would your best source for helping you find concrete ways to solve your problem. All the advice given to you by hairtell posters since you first arrived here in May is pretty much true. Can you share this information with your mom so she can understand what you are going through and help you get some relief and some results?


My daughter is 14 and having laser on the bikini line. I would never allow it on the upper lip at her age. Definitely go for electrolysis on the upper lip. And I agree with talking to your mother, although some parents aren’t to receptive to hair problems. Good luck!

hi all, thanx or your comments. I suppose electrolysis would be better but i’m scared because a lot of people say how painful it is. I thought laser might be better because it doesn’t hurt so much. Let me know your thoughts.

Now about my mum. She’s not really the type of person you can discuss things like this to. When it first appeared i guess i was confused, so i did speak to my mum but she just shrugged it off and walked away. So maybe she feels uncomfortable about it - which makes me feel 10 times worse; even my mum is disgusted. And before you ask about my dad - totally and utterly NOO!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> sorry!

I agree with not waxing or shaving as it could make it worse, is that right??

thanx again Danni

Sorry about your mom not being so helpful for you, danni. Since that is not going to be an option for now, shaving would buy you some time until you are a legal adult and can take matters into your own hands. SHAVING IS GOOD. I remember working on a young lady who was a senior in high school (18 years old)who was belittled by her mother for having electrolysis, telling her it won’t work, she was wasting her money. In addition to that, kids made fun of her. She was very sweet and had emotional strength despite the teasing and lack of support.

My client had a job after school and used HER money to pay for electrolysis by herself when she was old enough. So this was her situation, and though she didn’t have support from her mom, she moved forward and relied on herself. We completed her upper lip and she is a much happier young woman. I gave her a big break on the financial side of things to help her out. I know several electrologists that do this from time to time for some of their younger clients. Maybe someone in your locale will help you, too.

When all was finished with my client I asked her if her mother was still skeptical. She told me her mom never really looked closely at her upper lip and has not asked how things are going. I did get the sense that they loved each other a lot, but her daughters hairy upper lip was just not registering on her priority chart.

Pick a plan that will help you now and then rely on yourself when you are older to take care of your problem permanently. You can start saving now and be ready to go forward later. Laser hurts,too and probably will not get all the hair,so you will still need some electrolysis anyway. Electrolysis is ouchy, but will get all the noticable hair if you follow a treatment schedule over a 9-12 month time. Thanks for posting here and check back in.

Hugs to you, danni.