Irvine/Orange Country electrolysis/ Nami's Skin

Hi all.

I’m really glad I found this forum, the information here is priceless! I will be moving to Irvine in a couple of months and I would like to know good electrologists there. I found this one -

The site looks good, they use Apilus PLATINUM, I even talked with someone from there on the phone and they sound nice. It will also be close to where I will be living. I see the reviews are good, but has anyone had electrolysis there? And are there any other good places in Irvine that might be cheaper?

Thank you!

All good reasons to give them a whirl!

Hopefully, someone can give them a thumbs, if not here then maybe you could ask them for references of clients that are finished.

Nami was one of the places I had looked at when looking for electrolysis in SoCal. I didn’t end up going with her, but I certainly believe that she would’ve done a good job.

Another one I can strongly recommend is Johanne ( She used to be an electrolysis teacher. Not sure if she still teaches anymore, but she still does fantastic work.

I also recommend Johanne Fortier (her daughter Joanie Fortier also works with her). The office is in Santa Ana and I believe they are planning on opening an additional location too.

She does still teach too.

I would like to update. I’ve been going to Nami’s for about 3 months (after I had a laser session) and so far I’m really happy with the results. My electrologist is Kyoko and she’s pretty good. I never feel the insertions and I don’t feel a plucking sensation either (unlike at the previous place I went to). She’s also really friendly and I enjoy chatting with her. I read that some clients and professionals don’t like talking during sessions but I enjoy it. She’s also pretty fast in my subjective opinion. I will update again after several months.