Irritation from Epilating

I have a Braun Silk Epil Eversoft epilator which I have used on my arms, legs, and face. It works wonderfully on my legs. However, on my arms and face, it removes the hair but it results in a small amount of blood coming out of the follicle immediately after epilation and then bumps and redness on the epilated area, lasting several days. I read in the waxing forum about someone who waxed her face causing it to break out for weeks, so I know I am not the only one to have these kind of problems. I have used tweezers on both of these areas, and they don’t have any of these side effects, but tweezing these areas would just take too long. Can anyone explain why this epilator is causing this and if anything can be done to prevent it?

I had a Braun once.
I was sure glad they had a 30 day garrantee of their product cause it caused me too much pain and I was allways red after using it.
Then I found the Emjoi Optima.
While your skin may be even more sensitive than my sensitive skin, it should work much better on your face.
Also, you must exfoilate everyday with a natural sponge or LomPar(Sp) sponge. At least 1 min on each area you epilate or you can use Tend Skin if you want a chemical exfoilate.
Do you use the epilator on every part of your body, except your on top of your head?

I have used the epilator only on my legs, arms, and face so far. Emjoi says that the Optima should not be used on the face although I have seen that many Hairtell members have used it on their face with no problems. I am a bit skeptical about buying anything from Emjoi because I bought their Beauty Forever about a year ago and within a few weeks, parts on it started to break, not to mention that there’s no proof that it’s any more effective than regular tweezers. I eventually took it back and got my money back for it. By the way, I do exfoliate and moisturize my face daily.

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OK… the other products that Emjoi have are not to be confused with their Optima, which has been a real sucess for all use people who use it and hate hair and don’t want the pain of removing on a weekly basic.

The thing is,with your face hair is after years of shaving and being that all faical hairs folicules are thicker than body hairs and you have many more nerve endings in your whole facial area than any other parts of your body.
Having said that, you need to have your face waxed at least once maybe twice.
The reason being, because it will be painful and I mean painful, so take 2 advils and a few shots of whiskey the first time.
Your face will be red for 2 days and use plenty of aloe. Even for a women, their face will be red the first day and pink the second.
The next time will be just a little uncomfortable but not painful and by the 3rd time real easy and the hair folicules will be getting thinner also.
Just look at them and you will see for yourself.
This is why only people who are determined to change to a diffrent system will go thru the process of using a Epilator on the face but those who do don’t go back because they luv the smooth face.
Now If you really want a perm solution, there are ways to do that also.

Well, after much research, I have started facial electrolysis. I’m doing 1-2 hours a week right now and redness is very minimal. I realize it will require a great deal of time and money but it will be great once it’s over with.

Thanks for all the advice, Aguila.