Irritation after shaving from Waist Line?


Hey everyone, after i shave my boxers waist band + pants irritate the shit out of that area after i shave it. Its always red and like 2 or 3 pimples what can i do??? Also after i shave even if i have no nicks the enxt day ill have like little red spots…


I used to have the same problem when I was younger. Waxing instead of shaving may solve your problem.


Richard, you might want to try a product called tend skin to minimize redness and irritation caused by shaving. It may be the friction of your clothing against freshly shaven skin causing irritation. I have used this product after electrolysis and it helps.


Also, never forget the power of good-old-fashioned baby oil. Sounds weird, but put it on your body after you take a shower, BEFORE you dry off … let it sink in a minute before using a towell. Majorly helps rashes and makes your skin all nice and smooth. Age-old wisdom. :smile:


Baby oil is supposed to be good for shaving too.



If you’re still having troubles, you might try Tend Skin.


ive had that for a while


Hey guys 19/m iv been shaving ever sense i started getting body hair and i used to get razor bumps all the time untille some one told me what i was doing wrong.

First exfoliate to get off any dead skin and to losen up the hairs. I use those luffa goves to exfoliate with they work good for me. Also when u use a luffa or luffa gloves in case no one knows this ur supposed to use them befor u get in the shower dry luffa and dry skin. This will realy get off all the dead skin cells and then when u get in the shower u can use it agin but for a good scrub use it dry just dont scrub to hard that could hurt. Anouther tip is just befor u get out of the shower rinse off in cold watter to cool the skin off a doc. friend told me to that if u wanted softer skin and for it to hold more moister do that i tryed it and it works. Its somthing about that when u get out of the shower ur skin is all hot and the heat coming off of ur skin pulls the moister out of it. Back to shaving

Next shave with a new razor every time u shave. Also use baby oil to shave with not a cream some creams have a cemical in them that will irratate the skin even those that say for sensative skin i have looked and still found that cemical in them. Pluse the baby oil will leave ur skin supper soft and smooth (water repelent also lol) and it wont dry ur skin out like some creams will.

Then when u get out of the shower get some whitch hazel u can buy this any were its a astringent and rub it on the area u just shaved this will clean out any dirt,oil and bacteria from the pores it might burn the first time u use it. Thats were the bumps come from its bacteria and dirt in the pores thats why u sometimes get the zits thats what zits are there bacteria in the pores and the witch hazel gets rid of it.

Finaly on the areas that u know ur going to get bumps on ur most sensative areas use some neosporin on them just a little. Rub it on and around the area and thats it. I sometimes put neosporin on the day after I shave also just to be sure I dont get any bumps or ingrown hairs.

When ever I shave now I do it this way and I dont get bumps or ingrown hairs anymore and the neosporin is alot less exspensive then tend skin. Even on areas were uv waxed or epilated u can use the whitch hazel and neosporin to take out the red bumps or at least it does for me. Let me know how this works for every one.

P.S. sence u need to use a new razor every day I recomend using a disposible one case a mach3 every day or even every week would get exspensive fast I use a disposible that has 2 to 3 blades on it that way u get the closeness of a mach but not the cost

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That’s all great advice, JMan! Thanks for posting it!


Just hope it helps someone else out its all the stuff I wish I knew when I first started shaving. Knowing this stuff from the start would of saved me a lot of trouble and time but…we learn from are errors and from others