irritation after epilating

After abiut a year of success, I’ve recently began experiencing itchy hive-like bumps about 10 minutes after epilating. I’ve tried creams,and epilated before and after showering with no relief. I’m about to give up. Any suggestions?

If you’re having success with your epilator, that’s good. Not everybody has had good luck with them over the long term. But others have, like the poster ‘Aguila’ for example.

The only thing I can recommend, other than ceasing use, is to first clean the epilator’s head really good with bleach then allow to dry, rinse, then clean with alcohol. there may be a bug or substance on the rotor’s surface that’s irritating your skin. Next, I’d throw out all my aftercare solutions; lotions, anything that you’re applying afterwards. There may be something harboring in there or possible out of date? Defective? Then, i’d look at what I’m doing before hand, maybe the type of soap used that might be lingering on your skin, getting rubbed in by the rotor.

If all these things check out, then you may want to reconsider your approach. A great alternative that I used back then, that’s actually healthier, is to alternate epilating once about evry two weeks, or once a month, with shaving daily, or every other day. This will actually lead to much smoother skin and fewer ingrowns. The alternate shaving compliments the epilating by providing badly needed exfoliation.

In any case, always be careful, and don’t do anything that contridicts the whole purpose of looking and feeling better. Good luck!


Thanks for the suggestions. I actually returned to shaving my lower leg just to see how it will effect epilation when I try again. I forgot how painless (and fast) shaving really is!!